The concept of Sip The Juice (STJ) started in 2022.

With STJ's founders possessing an admiration and a life long passion for Hip Hop in its purest form (DJing, MCing, B-boying and Graffiti), as well as a fondness of high end luxury streetwear; they started working on creating luxurious streetwear, that is true to both Hip Hop culture and Los Angeles street style.

Over the decades since Hip Hop culture was formed we have seen growth and change.

However, whilst experiencing this growth and change we have seen four pillars of the culture remain constant; with DJing, MCing, B-boying and Graffiti always being core elements of Hip Hop culture, from the beginning and for eternity.

At Sip The Juice we say, "Honoring the past while looking to the future"; where respect is a core value Sip The Juice is founded on.

Sip The Juice plans to play a leading role in ensuring that while Hip Hop evolves, the foundations of Hip Hop culture are never forgotten or dismissed; while continuously looking at innovative ways to ensure Sip The Juice's designs stay true to Los Angeles street style.

To enlighten and educate society in relation to Hip Hop culture's foundation art forms

We will be a leader in creating a greater understanding and appreciation of all of Hip Hop's art forms; ensuring the foundations of Hip Hop are never forgotten

Luxurious high end streetwear, utilizing premium quality and unique fabrics; while incorporating Hip Hop culture fused with LA street style into our innovative designs